Online Writings


I Live in a Borrowed and Often Tender Multiplicity
(Boston Review, April 2015)

Ballad of a Broken String: Poetry and the Teaching of Discognitive Communication
Evening Will Come (Issue 22. October 2012)

TrancePoetics folio: edited for The Drunken Boat

His Majesty: The Stomach by Sony Labou Tansi (Words Without Borders)
Translated by Kristin Prevallet and Raymond G. Hounfodji


I Live in a Borrowed and Often Tender Multiplicity (Boston Review)
Tales of Caw (Jacket)
Orphee (Sidebrow)
The Web (Not Enough Night)
Cruelty and Conquest (Oil Oil Oil) The Brooklyn Rail
Two Poems (Marsh Hawk Review)
Considering Options for Controlling the BP Blowout in the Gulf of Mexico (Poets for Living Waters)

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, 1996 (Dear Navigator, Fall 2010)
Sequen[I]ce: featuring Dubravka Djuric
Fade To Black: audio collaboration featuring Esfand Pourmand
Récipient de métal vert: audio collaboration featuring Sandra Moussempes



Talking Poetry, Trance, and the Body (Best American Poetry Blog, June 2011)
a conversation with Cara Benson

A conversation with Geoffrey Watterman (Tinge Magazine)

The Poetic Gift Gestural Economy HOW2 (Vol. 3, No.2)
a conversation with Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

In Mourning (pdf) FactSimile (Spring 2009)
a conversation with Jen Davis

Interview with Kenward Elmslie Jacket #16 (March 2002)

Gathering vs. Collecting (Correspondence with Jackson MacLow) (.pdf) Slought Foundation

The Primordial Cry (BombBlog August 2009)
a conversation with Caraballo-Farman


Writing Is Never By Itself Alone: Six Mini Essays on Relational Investigative Poetics (.pdf)
Fence (Spring/Summer 2003)

Navigating the New Chaos: Anne Waldman’s Collaborations with Visual Artists (Jacket #27)
previously published in mark(s) quarterly of the arts.

The artful wordiness of materials: Joe Brainard & Poetry Jacket # 16 (March 2002)

From Godzilla to the NASDEQ Tower: The Collages of Holli Schorno
The Transcendental Friend #14.

Helen Adam’s Sweet Company: The Collages
Riding the Meridian v2 n2

Jack Spicer’s Hell in Homage to Creeley
Jacket #7

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