I, Afterlife: Essay in Mourning Time

I, Afterlife: Essay In Mourning Time
I, Afterlife: Essay In Mourning Time

“Here we have a convergence between the old forms and the new. Elegy becomes essay. Their horizons converge and there is a beautiful sense of the poetic itself as all that is left to comfort a person facing a catastophic loss. Prevallet has called on her own magic as a poet to contemplate another’s (a father’s) suicide, and to pass long what she has learned to the rapt reader.” –Fanny Howe

“This is the quietest and most intimate book of one of our best poets.” –Forest Gander

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Rain Taxi / Winter 2007 (by Anne Heide)
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Kevin Killian
Laura Hinton
Poetry New York
(by Erik Podhora)

collaboration with From the Hip dance company, Chicago
Reviewed by David Emanuel (HOW2)
This is not a work of art” (Practicing Slow Poetry) Naropa University, 2008

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